Price Increase Effective January 29, 2016

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As you may know, Parentees is a new company. Everyday, I learn a new way to make things better and more efficient primarily through trial and error. Parentees is determined to provide the highest quality product and service as possible for our customers. While this is costly and takes time and effort, I’d never want to compromise on our standards. Beginning on Friday, January 29, 2016 each product will be increased by $5. We will keep the current pricing of shipping at $2.95. However, free shipping will now be applied to orders over $40.

Our price increases will now be in line with industry standards. The increase comes partly in response to the recent rise of costs from our supplier and postage. The other reason for the price increase is the need to bring on help to assure a faster turn-around time. I am currently designing, printing, responding to emails, bookkeeping, social media, packing/shipping and so much more! But, I never want to use the excuse: “I’m also a mom and wife. There isn’t enough time in the day!” As the brand continues to increase in popularity, so have our orders and I am determined keep up with the demand of supplying tees that make us parents feel inspired, loved and freak’n awesome!

I know you enjoy supporting small businesses and fellow parents (so do I), so this small increase will help us run a sustainable business for the long run. It will also help us continue our commitment and involvement with worthwhile charities such as TreeHouse and SoulFamFund. Supporting our local suppliers also means we can continue our commitment of tees made in America (no-sweatshops) printed with high-quality eco-friendly inks.

If you were thinking about placing an order, the time is now! On Friday, January 29 our website will reflect our new pricing. If you are already standing by for your happy mail then I assure you that all current orders will be fulfilled within 5 business days.

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