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Parentees launched almost 4 months ago and I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of support! I was excited to start this new venture because it really spoke to me as a mom of four. I had this vision of creating t-shirts that were cool, comfortable and identifiable to parents exclusively.

If I can be honest for a moment, I was not expecting it to take off as fast as it had. I’ve owned a few businesses in the past from web and graphic design freelancing to a local fitness club (which is still growing steadily), but none created a response like Parentees. I honestly was not ready!

I have learned so much about this industry, myself as a parent and my fellow pro-creators just by constantly engaging with you all. However, I’ve decided to close up shop, but don’t panic! It’s just for a couple of weeks and here’s why:


I wholeheartedly believe that family should come first. Since Parentees, I have become enthralled in my new found passion which has caused things to be a little out of wack on the home front. So, my New Year’s resolution is to become more organized and time-conscious. I will be putting together a schedule and systems to try to become “Wonder Woman” lol — a great wife, mom and business woman during this break.

Inventory Take

I design and print all Parentees in my “mom cave” aka our lovely basement lol, but I have not be keeping stock of inventory as efficiently as I’d like. In most cases, when an order comes through I will run down to the mom cave and print a single tee, sew on the label, attach the tag, and pack it. In some cases, I won’t even have the size and/or color the customer needs. I would then have to make a small order (with a hefty shipping price) through my supplier Bella+Canvas just to be able to fulfill that order in a timely manner. Sometimes, my supplier is out of stock and I just have to wait… and the customer has to wait. This is extremely time-consuming and stressful. I have a very simple system in mind that will take care of this problem, but it will take some time and a huge investment. I will be initiating it when the shop reopens in 2016 for smoother order processing and happier customers.

Perfecting The Craft

Prior to 6 months ago, I would not have even been able to tell you what screen printing was! When I decided I wanted to do Parentees, I started researching screen printing and it was overwhelming — It seemed so technical. Then, I came across some YouTube videos by Ryonet that were so detailed. It still seemed overwhelmingly difficult, but I finally decided that I was ready to take it on. So, 5 months ago I bought the screen printer. I started practicing tirelessly and kept failing, but a few weeks in I got to a point where it coming easier to me. That’s when I decided to launch Parentees. While I feel like I will always be learning and that my product is great, I really want to make sure I am putting out the highest quality product possible. So, I will also spend this time studying and practicing to perfect my newfound craft.

Customer Survey Reviews

If you have ever purchased a t-shirt or hoodie from me then I will be personally sending you a quick survey via email to get some feedback on the quality, style and service. It would help me out so much if you could take a couple of minutes to honestly answer the questions. This will give you the opportunity to voice your issues and/or praises and in turn allow me the opportunity to provide the best product and service I possibly can!



The sale will run until Christmas Eve, 12/24/2015, which is the date the shop will close. I plan to re-open on 1/7/2016 with a few new designs that I am way to excited about. Please note: Anything in the clearance section will no longer be available in 2016.

Thank you so much for your support. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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  • Danielle

    Awesome. Way to be honest with your self. You’ve got something great! I know how crazy it can be, I’ve been there. You’ll get through this and then 2016 will be amazing. Congrats. Enjoy your holiday, don’t work too much!!!


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